This Is Gonna Be A Mess

Recently yoga guy has been adding more instruments to his supply. This in itself isn’t new because he’s always giving them away to people who agree to play along with a large number of other total amateurs at one of his four am “concerts”.

Thing is this is looking more like a large push than simple restocking. In the last few days he’s ordered no less than three dozen electronic drum kits and another three dozen acoustic guitars. Today somebody got a look at his laptop at the Nutjob Hills Diner while he was in the restroom. His web browser was open to

According to people at a nearby table that overlooks his, he had been looking at that page for well over thirty five minutes. A sure sign that he is contemplating another purchase. This time it will probably be a large number of electronic guitars and I’m sure he’ll include amps and speakers for each.

it’s beginning to look like his next big “music” event is not only going to be loud, its likely going to stand and even greater chance than normal of causing the street lights to dim when he turns the power on for his amps.

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