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Super Bright LEDs

April 22nd, 2009 13:25 pm | by Ed |

I've seen some really bright LEDs in recent years but the one that I ran across yesterday might just top them all.

It's not just an LED, it's an array of 100 LEDS that produces 7000 lumens of light. To make it extra special, it has a very low power requirement given the amount of light it produces from a mere 34 Volts at 3.2 Amps.

The site showed a lot of pictures of this thing in operation and it's very impressive, able to actually burn with timed exposure.

The site also had some interesting looking applications for LEDs including some interesting rings. while I doubt that they're going to replace diamond rings in the fashion world, it's still pretty cool. The green LED ring immediately came to mind as a great ingredient in a Green Lantern costume. Especially since it can be turned on and off easily by the wearer.

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