Making Money Generating Insurance Leads

I have to admit that I’ve never been a big fan of insurance. Probably because it feels like I’m betting against myself. There is one thing I can say about it however and that’s the fact that the insurance industry hasn’t been nearly as hard hit as so many others have been by the economic meltdown.

Of course one of the reasons for this is the fact that not only is insurance mandatory in so many situations, it’s also considered a good idea by many to protect their homes, businesses and so on. I’ve recently done a bit of reading on the subject and apparently there is an income to be made there and not just by the insurance companies.

There are reputable companies that sell qualified leads to insurance agencies. Qualified leads are people that are looking for car, health, life and business insurance. Insurance companies buy those leads from these companies because they convert to customers with much less effort than cold contacts. These companies pay commissions to their affiliates who generate leads for insurance companies.

Three of these “pay per lead” companies are: Esurance specializes in car insurance, pays $7.50 per lead generated. InsuranceLeadz specializes in auto, health, home,life and annuity insurance leads. They pay $4 to $12 per lead to affiliates based on the sector and lead volume. Kanetix deals in car insurance. Paying $8.75 per lead.

There’s several other companies running affiliate networks to collect qualified leads and selling them to insurance companies. Anyone with a business, finance or insurance related site, stands a chance to earn some decent commissions for generating leads.

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