Something I’d do If I Had Time Travel

Y’know, I’ve seen all kinds of ideas about what various people would do if they could travel back in time or somehow visit their younger selves. Things ranging from passing on stock tips and headlines to giving Einstein a modern day desktop computer, it’s manuals and a stack of data DVD’s with all the scientific, mathematical and theoretical information that could be packed on to them to see how that could change the present. And any number of other things to affect the outcome of history.

However, while I know that some of that would be really tempting to try, I think that for the first trip at least, I would want to visit my younger self about 35 or 40 years ago, convince him of the truth of who I am and then simply smile the biggest toothy smile that I could manage and leave him with a simple three word message … “Brush your teeth”.

You see, back then I was like a lot of kids are today, I didn’t bother with a simple matter of taking care of my teeth. The thing is that on this end of history my teeth are now in terrible condition and it’s a direct result of so many years of not bothering. It’s true that about ten or so years ago I changed that but it’s mostly a case of too little too late. Simply brushing isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Now it’s not going to even suffice to go to just any Plano Dentist, I’m going to end up needing an oral surgeon or somesuch to do a compleate remove and replace. It’s not something I’m looking forward to but honestly I brought it upon myself.

That’s why I’d really appreciate having a shot at time travel. Not to change the entire world or the course of human history, just to change my world and prevent myself from the world of frequently brain freezing pain that I have because when I was young I didn’t make it an automatic habit to take care of my teeth.

I’ll close this post by saying that if you do brush, keep doing it. If you don’t, start. When you’re older you’ll be glad you did.

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