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Is The Real-ID Act Facing Repeal

April 26th, 2009 23:26 pm | by Ed |

Seems like it might be at least. I saw something recently about one of those fairly recent additions to the Obama administration (or was it homeland security? It's been a LOOONG week) is apparently making noises about repealing the Real-ID act. I'd post a link to it but I've just spent quite a bit of time looking through my browser history trying to find a link and if it's in there, I'm not recognizing the url or page title.

Thing is, they're not interested in repealing it because it's just too much. Far from it. The reason given for ditching Real-ID is because it's apparently not "good enough". Our oh so wonderful government wants to come up with something that is impossible to forge, steal or lose. This makes me wonder just how long it's going to be before stores and banks start showing up with fancy new POS systems that are designed to read some kind of implanted RFID chip or infrared or ultraviolet tattoo?

Does that sound a little "out there"? Maybe. But it's NOT impossible and in my opinion, something like it is inevitably going to be implemented. When it is, you DON'T want to have anything to do with it.

The price will be eternally too high.

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