DSL In The Rain

Is your DSL connection consistent? Does it perform the same regardless of weather conditions or do you have problems with the connection getting flakey during or immediately following a storm?

For the longest time my answers to the above were a solid “No Problems”. It didn’t matter what the weather did, the connection remained constant and running at full speed. Back in the dialup days almost any storm around here would leave the internet connection slogging along like an Anoretix child… out of breath, barely moving (if you could get a connection at all that is) and generally made getting anything done online a major pain in the arse.

Lately my DSL connection has been acting like that. I’ve got a 10 megabit connection that frequently shows as high as 12 megabit on speed tests. Until now. After the last batch of storms came through the area, speed tests show a pathetic 0.4 megabit down and 0.005 up. Pages that normally take seconds to load suddenly take ten to fifteen minutes. A few hours later things are better, back up to 4megabits, yet I’m paying for 10megabits and I don’t think it’s unreasonable of me to expect at least 9megabits minimum all the time.

And no, changing ISP isn’t an option. In this neck of the woods there is only ONE.

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