Is It Just Me Or Is It Hot In Here?

Now that we’re FINALLY pulling out of the cold weather and leaving it behind for the summer, it’s now time to start being concerned about overheating. Seems that these days I can spend maybe a half hour at a time doing outside chores like getting the lawn mowed and such before I have to at least take 20 minutes or so inside with some cold water in front of a fan before I even consider doing more.

Which gives me an idea for a great mod for riding lawn mowers. The idea is to build a frame out of conduit or other tubing and then mount one of those discount ceiling fans directly above the seat. This would give the advantage of making it easier to keep cool during those hot mowing jobs.

It should also be possible to come up with a mount and rig on a walk-behind type mower that would have the fan mounted on the handles blowing cooler air in the face of the person using it.

Sound ridiculous or silly? Perhaps but it’d still make the job easier. I know I would appreciate somethinglike that so that I could have a better chance of getting the entire lawn done in one day instead of taking four or five days like I do now.

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