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The Great Laptop Quest Continues

June 4th, 2009 00:00 am | by Ed |

Ever since the hard drive (and God knows what else) died on my laptop, I've been taking some time once in a while to haunt the sale pages looking over possible replacements. The fact that there isn't any budget for this right now hasn't slowed me down one bit either since sooner or later there will be $$ for it and when the time comes I want to have a clear idea of exactly what I want in a laptop so I can get it bought and home A.S.A.P.

toshiba satellite notebook computerUnder consideration this time is a Toshiba notebook computer , specifically the l355-s7907 model. The first thing that catches my eye about this one is it's keyboard. It's actually GOT a numeric keypad! This is a feature that I've thought has been sorely lacking in laptop design.

I know, there's a sorta-kinda keypad wannabe on most laptops that's accessible by way of an extra function key but it's still not the same. Especially since the number keys have to be mapped out onto the regular keyboard and that means that they're squished into a slanted arrangement that simply destroys any attempt to use the keypad the way you would on a standard desktop keyboard.. entry is slower and a lot more awkward which is why having a regular numeric keypad on laptops is something that I've wanted for a long time.

In addition to being a handy portable machine, with it's Intel Pentium Dual-Core T4200 CPU running at 2.0GHz in 3GB of ram and a 320GB Hard drive it would also serve as an extremely handy workhorse machine that would make much shorter work of doing the final rendering on videos. This would both free me up to do longer videos, I could also get away with more complicated and involved projects and special video effects.

All I'd have to do is get the project and it's source files all set up on my main desktop, then copy everything over to the laptop and do the rendering while I start work on the next project because the desktop isn't sitting there at 100% CPU usage making it impossible to get anything done at all.

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