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Moving Day Woes?

December 6th, 2007 22:22 pm | by Ed |

I'm not talking about moving as in changing your place of residence. I'm talking about moving as in changing where your website and it's domain is hosted. I've just done it with a domain and two sub domains... one of which hosted a blog and also required getting a backup of the MySql database from the old host and importing it into the MySql on the new host.

I think I've got the procedure pretty much figured out after having had to change DNS nameserver settings back and forth three times before everything was fixed.

I've spent some time looking for some kind of detailed checklist / step by step procedure for doing this but haven't found anything yet.

This means that I'm thinking of writing one as I do the next couple of transfers that I still have to go.

My, won't THAT be fun?

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