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Checking Out CrazyTalk 6

June 17th, 2009 07:08 am | by Ed |

Not long ago I got a copy of CrazyTalk 5 standard from Reallusion. It's a facial animation package that allows you to animate the face in any picture. So far I've found CrazyTalk 5 very useful in several videos I've made and I'll be using it more in the future. It was absolutely worth every cent and then some. I do wish that I could have gotten the PRO version but that was beyond my budget, perhaps someday ...

Recently I got the notification that CrazyTalk 6 had been released so naturally I had to check it out. Once I got it downloaded and installed I saw one problem. I should have looked at the system requirements before doing so. It's calling for much more powerful (as in dual core 2.6ghz or better) CPU, 2gb of memory and soon. I will say that it does run on my single core 1.6ghz Sempron but that poor CPU will need to spend a couple years with the Kettlebells if it's ever going to be able to run CrazyTalk 6 very smoothly.

Setting aside the hardware requirements issue, CrazyTalk 6 is definitely a serious step up. It's now able to handle multiple actors at once (up to four I believe) and there are a lot more control options both in the model setup and in creating and executing the script.

If you've got the hardware capable of it, CrazyTalk 6 is definitely the "go to" solution for doing any kind of facial animation. I know that as soon as I can manage to upgrade my hardware I'm absolutely going to be using the daylights out of it.

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