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Video Review of Nutrisystem Videos

July 11th, 2009 03:55 am | by Ed |

In this video Bob and I talk about a couple of Nutrisystem videos. Of course, Bob being Bob, he just has to conjure a mental picture that I (and viewers as well I'm sure) could have easily lived without seeing.

However he's definitely right about the videos showing dramatic changes. He was only focused on the one but in the second video we find out that Larry the Cable guy dropped fifty pounds on the plan which is definitely a dramatic change. At least four bowling balls worth!

Meanwhile, Bob manages to misinterpret something I say and goes into panic thinking that I'm telling him there's going to be owls on the set which he's deathly afraid of. This leads to his very hasty exit while he steadfastly refuses to listen to my efforts to calm him down. I have to blame myself really.. I made the mistake of using the word "hooters" without thinking that to Bob that means only one thing: owls, which he's terrified of because they eat his kind for breakfast.

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