Time For Another Classic Remake

All the recent talk about digital television and the storm of excrement that is flying around over the conversion from analog to all digital signals has gotten me thinking about movies. I’ve got a pretty decent collection that took the better part of the last twelve years or so to build but there still remains several gaping holes in the list of titles.

godzilla vs mechagodzillaOne good example is the classic Godzilla movies. I’ve got the one where Godzilla ends up in New York and Madison Square Garden is used as a nest and ends up getting destroyed. However to my surprise I discovered after doing a search through my collection that it’s the ONLY one Godzilla movie that I’ve actually got a copy of.

If I recall correctly there were at least eight or ten of the original Japanese made Godzilla titles. I’ve seen ’em all over the years but somehow they never made it into my personal collection. So, with this in mind I’ve started surfing sale pages looking to see what I can find.

That’s when I ran across “Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla”, which is clearly a remake of the original “Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla” that I remember seeing on tv back in the 70’s. Naturally I’ll be adding this movie remake to my movie wish list as I continue my search for copies of the originals. As movie monsters go, Godzilla had it all coming and going. He was (and still is) probably one of the best ever conceived of. He was one of those monsters that eventually took on the role of the good guy, battling would be destroyers of civilization such as Rodan and Mothra. Simply put, if any monster was going to trash Tokyo, it was going to be him or nobody. Alien monsters stomping the snot out of Tokyo soon learned that city was HIS turf and would taste his radioactive breath and eventually be beaten to a pulp for their troubles.

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