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Microsoft vs Microsoft

December 11th, 2007 10:08 am | by Ed |

This is just too funny for words. I just saw a bit on slashdot about how Micro$oft is now dissing it's own stuff. Specifically, they're making a big point now of talking XP down and Vista up. This PC World story talks about Micro$oft commissioning a study concerning the total cost of ownership of XP vs Vista.

According to that study Vista comes out a bit over $600 cheaper but then again, the study is flawed because what it's using for vista information is based on estimations and extrapolations... they don't have any real data. In the end, I like the conclusion at the end of the article:

While Microsoft is promoting Vista upgrades, a Free Software Foundation project called "BadVista," is pushing free software as an alternative.

"We describe it as a campaign definitely against Vista but chiefly to promote free software over Vista," said John Sullivan, a campaign manager at the foundation.

Users should replace "proprietary" systems with a free system like GNU-Linux, Sullivan said.

Honestly, that makes a lot more sense to me

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