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Tron Sequel In Production

August 6th, 2009 00:26 am | by Ed |

After years of waiting, fans of the classic Disney science fiction Tron can now anticipate the eventual release of the long awaited sequel which is titled "Tron: Legacy".

On hearing about this I just had to do some looking around since I'm one of those tron fans. I even have an ancient VHS copy in one of those hideous oversize clam shell cases that made it so hard to store Disney videos on the same shelf as everybody else's. From what I've seen so far, they've really gone over the top instead of just giving it a new paint job, cargo liner> and a tune up. This new version will be in 3D in Imax theaters and is using every bit of the latest in CGI graphics and special effects.

The storyline isn't just a retelling of the original story. Instead it picks up some twenty five years later where the videogame programmer Kevin Flynn has once again been sucked into the virtual world ruled by the all-powerful MCP. Flynn's 27 year old son Sam starts searching for him and ends up in the virtual world within the computer.

All I can say is "I wanna know when It's going to be out on DVD!"

If this clip is any example of what the rest of the movie is going to look like then bring it on!

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