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Hate Mowing The Lawn? So Do I

August 23rd, 2009 10:07 am | by Ed |

I didn't always hate mowing the lawn. Back when I was *much* younger I used to enjoy doing it because it gave me the chance to both get something done worth doing and have some time by myself to think without being disturbed which the sound of the lawn mower's two cycle gasoline engine helped with a lot because it was very good for discouraging people trying to talk over it.

Unfortunately, things have changed over the years. I still appreciate having undisturbed time by myself to think things through however the chore of mowing the lawn has been becoming more and more of a serious pain in the arse as time went by. Mostly it's got to do with assorted health issues that now leave me able to do maybe a fourth of the lawn at a time, causing the task that once took me a couple hours to now span over the course of four to six days. The really frustrating part of that is that usually once the job is finally done, it's time to start over again.

robotic lawn mowerI finally found the answer on sale recently. Something that not only takes the "work" out of mowing the lawn but is also a really cool bit of technology. This robotic lawn mower has got to be the coolest thing in lawn care since the first Gasoline powered lawn mower hit the market.

It's powered by a battery pack that holds enough charge to do a typical quarter acre yard. All you need to do is set up a perimeter wire (500ft included and you can get more if you need it.) around the edge of the area it's to mow and turn it loose.

It's got three blades going at 5800 rpm and covers the yard in a systematic criss-cross pattern, mulching as it goes. It's able to go around obstacles like trees & such and can handle slopes as well as flats.

Now all I've got to do is convince my friends and relatives that this would make a perfect Christmas or Birthday gift. (hint hint).

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