Opera Revisited

Just for the heck of it I decided to have a new look at the Opera browser. I remember using this back in the days of version 5 and it was pretty good back then. Since then it’s gone to version 9.24. It’s basically got everything it had back in version 8.xxx when I last used it. I believe it’s doing better with memory usage than it was because it’s loading faster and I love the way it loads pages so quickly. I also appreciate very much the “load from cache” feature for images that really speeds up repeated loads of images.

The one thing I absolutely loathe about it however is it’s mail/news client. That “M2” thing is really infuriating. I remember before that it was a royal PITA to get multiple mail folders arranged and set so that threading worked the way I’m accustomed to using it and the filters behaved properly. Well, that part of Opera doesn’t seem to have changed much, if any. It’s still a clunky, cumbersome pile of crap to use.

Not only that, but the folks at Opera have still refused to do anything about integrating PGP/GPG, which I consider essential to any email program.

Here’s hoping that they continue development and learn a few lessons from Thunderbird to use in the next version of their email client (M3 perhaps?)

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