Vista Freezing Up

With the recent resurrection of my laptop’s hard drive from the electronic dead, things have been working well… until recently that is. In the last two weeks it’s developed a very annoying problem where it will, for no apparent reason that I can determine, freeze up.

Everything is going fine and then all of a sudden I’m looking at the now hated spinning busy cursor and nothing responds. I’ve done all the normal diagnostics, registry cleaning, malware scans, disk scans and even booted Kubuntu from a flash drive (by the way, Kubuntu doesn’t exhibit the problem at all) but have not come up with any reason for it.

Needless to say this makes using the machine problematic at best, especially if I’m trying to watch a movie. Stopping at unpredictable intervals for anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 minutes kinda breaks continuity something fierce.

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2 thoughts on “Vista Freezing Up”

  1. I had something like that happening and had to run a scan of the hard drive to identify a bad sector (think it must have been a cluster where Vista sits.) I backed up my data and used my laptops’ recovery drive to reinstalled Vista. I think it scans the disk when reformatting and marks bad sectors. Anyway, all has been very good since then.

  2. I thought of that but so far all of my various scans have come up with zero problems, no bad sectors, no malware, nothing. With 1gb of memory there’s enough RAM available (granted, more would be better but up until last week I never had this problem)

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