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Diagnosis: Heat

September 16th, 2009 10:58 am | by Ed |

After a whole bunch of trial and error I think I've finally managed to diagnose the main part of my laptop's problems. Specifically, it's got serious thermal issues. In plain English, it's getting too farking hot.

I suppose that I should have thought of this possibility some time ago but then again, since I've always kept it on a two fan cooling pad that was bought on sale at wally world I didn't really think that I had any reason to think that there'd be a heat problem but now I'm not so sure.

targus notebook cooling chill matI think the problem is that the cheap (as in cheap quality manufacture) cooling pad that I've currently got does have two fans on it, but they're each about the size of a cooling fan for an old Pentium 120. There's also very little clearance between the fan blades and the inside of the cooling pad housing because it doesn't take much, any slight bump of the computer, pad or the table it's sitting on, to cause those fans to start growling and grinding as they suddenly start rubbing and scraping against the inside of the cooling pad housing.

Aside from it being a really annoying sound, there's a real "DUH Moment" involved here because for some reason it never occurred to me that this sound would mean, among other things, that the fans couldn't be running at full speed and therefore would not be doing the cooling job very well at all.

So now I'm looking at this Targus Notebook Cooling Chill Mat as a possible replacement. One of the things I like about it is that just by looking at the picture I can tell the fans in it are nearly twice the size of the ones in my current cooling pad, which means they'll move more air and keep things (like the CPU and memory chips) cooler.

I just hope (probably a ridiculous one) that there hasn't been any permanent damage from running hot. I guess I'll find out once I've got the new cooling pad in place and test things out a bit.

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