Ebay Fixing things? hmpth

Here’s a laugh for you, A headline I just saw: EBay Focusing on “User Experience”

The big laugh here is that Ebay has been anything BUT user friendly in recent years. Particularly if that user is a seller…. especially if that user is a small time seller.

Thing is, that story talks almost entirely about fixing things from the buyers point of view. I’ll grant that there’s entirely too many sellers on there that are just out to shaft people in any way they can… from crappy products to hideous shipping fees and other hidden costs.

On the other hand sellers, especially small time sellers, are having a harder time than ever managing to do any decent business because the super powered sellers have everything locked up tight… then add ebay’s other additions last year that did even more to focus on the extremely large sellers and move attention away from the small timer that just wants to make a few bucks.

Ok Ebay, you wanna fix things? Fine. Fix them. But be sure to fix ALL of them and not forget the little guy that *MADE* you in the first place. Without the little guy back when you were small, you wouldn’t exist now.

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