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Apple Blaming Users For Exploding iPhones

September 16th, 2009 19:09 pm | by Ed |

Well, the iPhone now has yet another strike against it. Apparently they've developed a talent for exploding. According to Apple, it's because of "external forces" but frankly I don't think that holds much water. More likely it's overheating batteries.

Of course, Apple will never acknowledge that as even a possibility so users are stuck with the potential that their iphone could go BANG and then they get to be blamed for it by Apple.

Y'know, if the auto industry acted like this then any time you had an accident they'd lay the blame with you for having car accessories that they didn't build in from the factory. Of course, you'd have to have an activation code before the thing would start and you could only take it to an authorized dealer who would also be the only place you were allowed to buy accessories from air fresheners on up.

The big concept that Apple needs to get into it's apparently thick corporate skull is that once a person buys something, it's theirs to do with what they want. They shouldn't have to get Apple's permission to do something with it. Nor should it automatically be considered the customer's fault when the device dies (or explodes) on them. Odds are real good that it's either a manufacturing defect or a design fault or both.

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