Profits Before Customers … DUH!

I’m sure you know the sad story, some unfortunate sap has a dreadful problem, his wallet is getting a tad heavy and he’s at a loss for a way to cure the problem before he develops a hernia trying to lug the thing around. Fortunately for him there’s an easy cure, better even than the very best diet pills that can shed that excess wallet weight in no time flat. All our unfortunate hero needs to do is buy a health insurance policy and before you know it, his wallet is once again fit and trim (emphasis on trim). No longer burdened with all that unsightly money.

At least that’s how I’m sure that the insurance companies of the world view things. A story that’s going to be interesting to hear the details of as insurance company execs are hauled before congress to explain why it is that their premiums have gone up 131% in the last ten years.

That CBS article also notes that this rate of increase is actually three times the rate of wage increases over the same time. Why am I not surprised?

If you’ve ever had to fight insurance companies or needed medical attention when you were un-insured then this video from CBS New is definitely worth watching.

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