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"FUN" With An HP PSC 1410v Printer Scanner Copier

September 30th, 2009 15:09 pm | by Ed |

I've had to worst time getting this printer to work. It worked a couple of years ago when we first got it, then the Ink ran out and it was sidelined in favor of an old Cannon BJC-4300 that used significantly less expensive ink cartridges. Recently however that trusty old Cannon started giving me unexpected trouble that ranged from simple text printouts turning out looking like they were meant to be read with barcode scanners instead of the human eye to finally an error code that, according to the Cannon website, means that the ROM is dead or damaged.

So, I got out the HP unit, bought new ink cartridges for it and installed it. I even went so far as to make certain to go to the HP website to get current XP drivers for it. So far, after eight times re-installing the thing and it's drivers, it has yet to print anything but a test page and I'm *almost* ready to take a hammer to the blasted thing.

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