I’m Having So Much “Fun” Losing Weight

Well, not really. Since becoming diabetic I’m running into a real problem trying to drop the excess weight (and at 330+, there’s quite a bit of excess!). One of the things that’s really frustrating is that there doesn’t seem to be any hard and fast rule about how things work.

Take two nearly identical people, Call ’em Austin and Ben, both are diabetic. Both are overweight by the same amount. They have similar metabolisms and medical histories and they both start the same diet and exercise plan. Several months later Ben has achieved double the weight loss austin managed. Oh, by the way, neither of them cheated on their plans.

How is it that two people who’re all but identical in almost every respect can achieve such widely different results? Why is it that for some, the weight just almost falls off and for another it’s like an uphill battle for every pound and another fight to keep the weight off?

Mostly I’m just rambling here I suppose but the weight loss problem is a real one. Dietary changes that two years ago helped me drop fifty pounds in six months are having little to no effect now and it’s getting easier all the time to wonder why bother when it’s not showing any results.

I don’t suppose I’ll actually quit trying but it’s clear I need to come up with something better. Some way to hold myself accountable for losing that weight and getting into better shape.

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4 thoughts on “I’m Having So Much “Fun” Losing Weight”

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  2. Unfortunately that site is a paid membership and I do NOT subscribe to such things. Beyond that, I’m still reviewing my options and putting together a plan for losing the weight.

  3. Hi Ed,
    Do you mind me ask you what is the deterrent from a paid membership site? I would really like to help to build a support network of people all working towards similar goals.

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    If not – I really do wish you the very best of luck! It isn’t easy – but persistence is the key.

  4. Probably the biggest “deterrent from a paid membership site” is the paid part. I realize that, as membership sites go, yours doesn’t appear to be very expensive. However in my world that seemingly paltry sum can sometimes mean the difference between whether or not all of my essential bills get paid or not and it’s likely to remain that way until I come up with a formula for consistently making four figures a month online. A project that’s going to take a while because I’ve been finding out just how much bullshit most so-called “wealth systems” and “marketing gurus” are made up of.

    On the other hand, I’m working on a plan that I think will not only help me lose weight but will also not only help me build traffic and reputation on another of my blogs but hopefully help others in my situation. When I get started with it, I’ll be posting on this blog with a link.

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