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New Finnish Law Guarantees All Citizens 1mbit Broadband

October 15th, 2009 22:52 pm | by Ed |

Cnet News has an interesting report out about the Finnish government has made it a legal right, starting in July 2010, that everybody in the country have access to a 1 megabit broadband internet connection. The article further states that they plan to make a 100 megabit broadband connection a legal right by 2015.

This has an assortment of possibilities. For one, it is the beginning of something that could level the playing field when it comes to internet access. While some will say that a 1mbit connection isn't all that fast, you have to remember that not very long ago even a 1mbit connection was considered pretty fast and usually only rather well off people computing in their decorated offices and fancy barcelona chair had it. Now 1mbit is becoming a lot more common (though in the US there's still a LOT of people stuck with 56K dialup connections). Heck even I, living in a small backwater town in rural Arkansas, have a 10mbit connection and as better technology is implemented out this way that speed will no doubt increase over the next couple of years.

Others see it as the very beginning of bringing internet access (and ISPs) under the control of the government who could then pull a China and go nuts with censorship.

Still, I think it'd be great if the US would start a commitment to all citizens having access to a 100mbit connection by 2015. For one thing, it might serve to light a fire under those that are dragging their heels when it comes to implementing IPV6.

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