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The Last To Know

October 16th, 2009 22:12 pm | by Ed |

Sometimes I think I'm destined to be one of the last people to know about new movies & tv series that I want to see. Such is the case here. A few years ago I got the boxed set of all three Blade movies. Foolish me, I thought that was the end of those movies.

Of course, probably every Blade fan this side of Marvel HQ already knows this but believe it or not, I *just* found out that there's a fourth movie in the series, Blade-House of Chthon.

blade 4 house of C'thonAs if that wasn't enough, this movie turns out to be not only the first in the series that does NOT star Wesley Snipes, it's the pilot for a Blade tv series that aired back in 2006!! It seems that the series was short lived and only lasted one season because in looking around I've seen the first season on sale as a boxed set but I haven't seen any mention of a second season at all.

So now I've just got to get this to complete what I thought was a complete set. Then I need to start looking around for a copy of the series, since digital tv signals don't have enough power in them to reach my antenna I know I'm never going to see it on the tube one the one broadcast station I'd get if digital signals were stronger even if it's in reruns now.

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