Canadian Govt Just As Stupid As Any Other

Does that title sound a bit harsh perhaps? Maybe it does but that doesn’t change the fact that I believe it to be true. For the reason, take a look at this slashdot article:

| CDN Forces Reactor Online Against Safety Regulations |
| from the the-great-white-glowing-north dept. |
| posted by samzenpus on Thursday December 13, @00:04 (Power) |

[0]Socguy writes “The Canadian government has passed legislation that
will [1]reopen an Ontario nuclear reactor that produces most of the
world’s supply of critical medical isotopes, even though the site has
been shut down for safety maintenance. Witnesses and experts were called
in to the House to face questions about safety concerns and all parties
eventually voiced support for the bill, which would effectively suspend
CNSC’s oversight role for 120 days. The Chalk River reactor ceased
operating on Nov. 18. Pressure on the government to restart operations
began to build after delays in the shutdown of the government-run site,
which generates two-thirds of the world’s radioisotopes, began to cause a
critical shortage of radioisotopes.”

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Simply put, they’ve decide that it’s more important to rake in the profits than to be safe. As usual, we find out again that rules, laws and regulations don’t apply to a government when they can just pass a law that changes the rules for them.

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