Time To Winterize

Once again the seasons are marching toward winter. To make things extra special it’s looking like it’s going to be a colder than usual winter this year. Little signs like squirrels getting really active roughly a month or so earlier than last year, leaves turning color and even starting to fall around the same time. Already Northeast Arkansas has had it’s first frost and overnight temps in the low 30’s.

This means that I’ve got to get busy this weekend doing all the “get ready for serious cold weather” stuff at least a month earlier than usual. Everything from hunting up the right size HAVC filters to putting up double layers of plastic on the windows and weatherstripping the doors and looking for any place with air leaking from outside that needs caulking.

On the upside, that means that I’ll soon be able to put the cover back on the side of my computer tower. In the summer months I have to remove that cover in order to make sure there’s enough air circulation to keep things cool. The problem with that is it means a lot more dust collection goes on and I need to go through it with one of those cans of compressed air sold as “dust remover” every couple of weeks to keep it from piling up.

Kinda makes me wonder if somebody will ever come up with a computer cooling system that uses liquid nitrogen so that the system could be left totally closed and sealed all the time, thus avoiding the dust issue entirely.

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