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The Unknown Follow

October 21st, 2009 21:57 pm | by Ed |

I noticed something interesting today. I was looking at my latest batch of updates from people I follow on Twitter and I noticed several tweets from names that I did not recognize and have no memory of deciding to follow them. As a general rule, I'm very picky about who I decide to follow and I don't want to follow very many because it takes time to look at all those tweets and get caught up even after being away from it for a mere half a day or so.

While I'm interested in these people's tweets (or I wouldn't have followed them in the first place) I do not have any desire to spend two or three hours catching up on hundreds of tweets from dozens of people. Therefore I keep the number that I follow low. As of this morning I was following 26 "tweeters".

Then I got looking at those people in the list of people I'm following and ended up following six of them because I have no idea who they are or why I would follow them. This is like the third time in the last couple of months that I've had to remove people that I don't remember following.

If twitter had an inbound call center I'd be on the phone right now trying to find out what's up with this. It's more than just annoying, It's clear evidence to me that something sneaky is going on. Perhaps it's part of one of those plans that people come up with to get thousands of followers quickly, I don't know. But it's going to have to stop or I will have to consider junking twitter entirely.

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