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A Surprising Computer Find

October 22nd, 2009 17:09 pm | by Ed |

Once again it's starting to get close to Christmas shopping season and as usual, that means it's time for me to start browsing to see what's on sale even the "gotta have it" thing I eventually find isn't something I can't afford, I figure it's still worthwhile to add it to my wish list just in case somebody with more cash than I agrees that it would make a good gift for me.

One of the first things I tend to go looking at is computer systems. That's because while the one I have is decent and is up to most tasks I ask of it, there's still things that it either isn't capable of dealing with or that only run at an agonizing snails pace.

Well, I think that this HP Pavilion Elite E9120Y is definitely something that wouldn't be having any of those problems.

hp pavilion eliteTo start with the CPU is a quad core AMD Phenom II X4 running at 2.6ghz. It comes with *Eight Gigabytes* of RAM and can support up to sixteen gigabytes, making it a sure winner in the most memory capacity I've ever seen in a desktop.

The hard drive is another monstrous winning factor at 1 Terabyte capacity! Even *I* would have a hard time filling that in less than a year. Yeah, I know, "famous last words" and all that but it'd sure be fun finding out. Other storage features include a Blu-ray drive and a dual-layer DVD burner.

Add to that an ATI Radeon HD 4350 graphics card and it's enough to make me overlook the fact that it comes with Vista home premium as it's OS. Besides, I could easily arrange for it to have multiple boot options so that I could switch between XP Pro, Kubuntu and Vista as needed.

Now all I need to do is convince somebody with some money that I deserve this break today 'cause I want this thing so bad YOU can taste it!

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