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Fake YouTube Speedup Exposed

October 25th, 2009 00:57 am | by Ed |

I was surfing around YouTube yesterday and ran into several videos that claimed to reveal some secret, undocumented, way to make YouTube videos load faster and play without skipping or hesitating.

In each case the instructions were pretty much the same. go to the video page, five star rate the video, favorite it, leave a positive comment, and subscribe to the channel it's on. After doing all these things then you're supposed to reload the page and be amazed that the video is loading faster.

Folks, this is nothing less than a full scale load of crap. The only possible effect that doing this *might* have is that while you're doing these things the video is buffering and beginning to load. Then when you reload the page, it's already got a head start.

This is nothing less than a line of bullshit that some people are using to try to improve their YouTube stats and subscriber counts.

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