I want Need One Of These For Christmas

I was making a video earlier today and while it was rendering I was reminded once again how much I really need a computer that is at least a *little* bit closer to being state of the art than the four to eight year old (sometimes older) designs that I usually end up with that are build from components that I find on sale because the manufacturers have discontinued them… which is usually the reason the price finally drops to where I can reach it.

If anything will stress a computer it’s going to be rendering video or 3D animation and in my case it certainly shows it’s age. In a world where it’s fast beginning to seem like everybody’s got dual or quad core cpu’s running at 2.6 to 3+ ghz, I’m sitting here with a single core at 1.6ghz. It’s almost funny how when I first got this system put together that it seemed like the fastest computer I’d ever seen. Of course there’s good reason for that… it was.

Of course back then I hardly ever did anything with video and then it was only with Windows Movie maker. Nothing took more than about 15 minutes to render, most things were done in less than ten minutes.

Now When I make a four minute video I can expect it to take at LEAST two and as long as three hours or more to render and that is with video quality settings at “low”. If I go for a best quality render, I could be waiting up to six hours for that four minute video to complete. That’s assuming that I stop all other processes first of course, if I leave anything else running it could easily end up taking all bleeding night to get the job done.

quad core 8gb pavilionThat’s why I’m now shopping around for things like this 64bit quad core computer with 8gb ram and a 360gb hard drive to add to the “I need this for Christmas” list. It looks like it’s got enough horsepower that if an ATI Radeon (or whatever their very latest and greatest is) graphics card then it ought to be up to rendering a four minute video in something under an hour at the very least.

Then there’s other things like some 3D animation tools that I want very much to spend time learning how to use. I have a couple of them (like Blender for instance) but I seldom mess with them because of how incredibly long it takes to render anything. Then there’s the software that I really want to get, such as DAZ 3D, Adobe After Effects, Particle Illusion and others that won’t even run on my current machine. Heck, I got a demo version of AE once and it refused to even install because the computer wasn’t up to the program!

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