Genetic Root For Bad Driving?

I just saw a post on the University of California Irvine website that shows a possible link between people that have a genetic variant that causes their brains to produce less of a “brain-derived neurotrophic factor”. Some 30 percent of Americans have this variant gene.

I guess that means that if you’ve got this gene variant it might be a good idea to avoid driving, especially in tense situations like high traffic or perhaps on long trips. i.e. if you’re going to go on orlando vacations over the holidays, maybe driving isn’t the best way to get there.

There is at least a little actual science involved here, they did a study that involved 22 people without the variant and 7 that did have it and the people with this gene variant did significantly worse in their study.

Of course this is hardly a definitive study and there obviously needs to be more work done on it to confirm the theory and also look for other factors … such as people that simply don’t pay attention to what’s going on around them will naturally make poor drivers.

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