Bluetooth Star Trek Communicator

So there I was, minding my own business, cruising YouTube looking at videos about fat burners, dieting and losing weight when suddenly I notice one of the related videos had the title “Bluetooth Star Trek Communicator”. I didn’t even pause to wonder just how that was “related” in any way at all to weight loss before I clicked on it.

I’m sure that even most people who aren’t Star Trek fans will recognize the communicator from the original series. I’ve long been of the opinion that it was at least part of the inspiration for modern “flip” style cell phones.

Well, thanks to bluetooth technology things have now finally come full circle and the technology that is at least in part inspired by Star Trek’s fictional tech has now made one piece of it a reality.

This video demonstrates the communicator in action, working just like it was portrayed when Kirk and company were using them in the 1960’s tv series. The nostalgic DIY’ers among you will be glad to know that you can find complete plans, parts list, and directions with plenty of pictures on the Make! blog

My cellphone doesn’t have bluetooth capability or I’d be working on this one myself!

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