Open Social, Another Google Flop

Around six weeks ago Google came out with “Open Social” which was their stab at getting into the social networking scene. However in the intervening six weeks they’ve come up with zip. As a matter of fact the thing isn’t even done yet and isn’t expected for another year.

What’s Open Social?

open-source code to allow any participating social media site to implement a common set of application program interfaces (APIs) and create “universal” applications

The problem is that even if it’s technically “open source”, I can still easily imaging the big “g” getting its hooks deep enough into it that A), they’ll archive everything that goes through it whether anybody wants that or not and B), their damnable ubiquitous advertising will find its way into it as well… also without regard as to whether or not users actually want it or not.

Oh yeah, I called it a flop because when something that’s supposed to be this big is announced by somebody that big… and then doesn’t show up… it’s going to flop… “Open Social” (as Google sees it anyway) is officially vaporware in my opinion

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