A Lamb Motor?

Y’know, in this day and age it’s easy to forget that not everybody in the world is online these days. This is particularly true out here in the backwoods of Arkansas. It’s something that I get reminded of every once in a while.

Like for example my neighbor recently asked if I could help find a good price for a lamb motor. Now of course my first reaction was to say “I didn’t know lambs had motors.”. Which is when I was told that it’s a vacuum cleaner motor. Wondering why he didn’t just say so in the first place, I suggested that it shouldn’t be hard to find one online.

That’s when he had to remind me that not only doesn’t he have internet, he doesn’t have a computer to connect to it with.

That’s right. There are still a lot of people, especially in rural areas, that don’t even want to go online, let alone have the gear to do it with.

Fortunately for me (and my neighbor), I’m not one of them.

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