More Memory Than Power

I’ve been making a lot more videos lately and sometime soon I’m hoping to actually create something that is just a bit more adventurous than the short little one to ten minutes or so videos that I’ve been putting up on YouTube … as in something that has an actual story, has a script and all the rest of that fancy film making stuff involved.

So, one of the first things I needed to do was make sure that my camcorder was up to the job. In terms of memory I think it is with it’s 4 gigabyte memory card (though you never know for certain). However when it comes to power that’s another story. Y’see, when I first got it, the battery was good for about fifty minutes or so before it needed to be recharged. These days it’s generally good for maybe thirty minutes or so, less if I use the flash at all.

Lithium-Ion-Camcorder-BatteryThing is, I have found that even doing a short video that’s only a few minutes long, due in large part to the need for multiple takes for each shot it can easily take twice that long to get enough footage so that you can edit it down to what you’re actually going to use. This meant that it was time to see how hard it was to find a new NP60 Lithium Ion Battery for my Aiptek v5v HD camcorder. Of course, that wasn’t as easy as it might sound because most manufacturers these days seem to go out of their way to use unique battery designs that won’t work with generic substitutes.

Thankfully it didn’t take me as long as I had thought it would to find one on sale for a good price. Now that I’ve got a spare, all I need to do is have both of them fully charged and with me when I start shooting. Of course, I’ll have to finish the script first.

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