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iPhone Owners Demanding Apple Turn Over Source Code

November 27th, 2009 22:17 pm | by Ed |

It looks like Steve Jobs is going to have to take a brief break from trying to pwn all owners of Apple products for a while. On the upside he'll have a good excuse for not going along with his wife while she shops for hours looking for the perfect Fendi bags and all the goodies to go in 'em. The downside is that "team Apple" will be in court trying to keep the iPhone source code secret.

According to this piece on Computerworld, in the anti-trust lawsuit against Apple and AT&T, a motion has been file that demands the source code for the iPhone 1.1.1 update, which crippled jailbroken iPhones all over the place. Rendering phones all over the place nothing more than "bricks" just because a user decided that they wanted to use a different phone service carrier than AT&T and taking action to unlock their iPhones.

Personally, I think the practice of locking a phone to a specific carrier is crap. If I buy a device then I want the freedom to use it in whatever manner I choose, including the choice to use whatever carrier that I choose as opposed to being locked in to using a particular carrier just because Steve Jobs gets his jollies controlling people and what they can do with hardware they sell.

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