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Another Good Reason To Avoid Sushi

November 28th, 2009 15:27 pm | by Ed |

I've never liked the idea of sushi at all. The idea of eating raw fish has always been totally disgusting to say the least. Seeing someone do so is enough to make me turn away so that the sight of it doesn't leave me puking all over them. I've always been of the opinion that anyone eating raw fish should be sure to have their life insurance quote up to date along with health insurance and a current will on file.

Now there's even more reason to avoid sushi, aside from how sickening it is, Wired has an article that reveals that all too often, people ordering sushi are not getting what they think they are.

The team of researchers from Columbia University and the American Museum of Natural History ordered tuna from 31 sushi restaurants and then used genetic tests to determine the species of fishes in those dishes. More than half of those eateries misrepresented, or couldn’t clarify the type of fish they were mongering. Several were selling endangered southern bluefin tuna.

On the other hand, you could just as easily end up eating Escolar, which is a poisonous fish. Eating it can cause "bizarre episodes of diarrhea, accompanied by a waxy intestinal discharge".

No thanks. I'll be sticking with COOKED food thank you very much!

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