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Message To Congress: NO Immunity For Telecoms!

December 17th, 2007 14:56 pm | by Ed |

A couple of years ago the EFF brought a lawsuit against AT&T because of it's taking part in the NSA's illegal domestic spying scandal. In recent months there's been pressure coming from the Bush administration trying to get Congress to give the telecommunications companies immunity from these lawsuits.

Not long ago letters, emails and phone calls to representatives and got things changed so that the bill that the Senate Judiciary Committee approved didn't let the telecom companies off the hook for being involved in this domestic spying mess.

The problem is that there's another version of the bill that grants immunity to the telecoms and it is going to be presented to the Senate Monday Morning. This needs to be stopped cold.

The immunity needs to be taken out of the deal. Corporations that break the law need to be held accountable and this domestic spying situation was definitely illegal.

The time to write your representatives in the House and Senate is NOW. Here's a handy link to a page on the Electronic Frontier Foundation that you can use to send a message NOW. It only takes a few seconds and it's very much needed.

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