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External Backup Lights

November 29th, 2009 19:22 pm | by Ed |

Here's a question for those of you who park in a carport, garage or even just a long-ish driveway. Do you prefer pulling straight in or would you rather back in so that you can just pull right out when leaving? Personally, I prefer being able to just drive straight out when I'm leaving. Unfortunately, since my carport is not equipped with a Batcave style turntable, this means backing up the moderately long driveway (about five car lengths long) into the carport.

I've never been a big fan of backing up in the first place because for me, that means having to turn around in the seat until I'm facing almost straight left and then turning my head the rest of the way toward the back window so that I can see what I'm doing. I've never been one of those that can back up with only looking in the mirror. The orientation is all wrong and I end up going all over the place, everywhere except where I want to be that is.

solar light kitThis problem is compounded even further when trying to back up at night because, even with the carport lights on, there isn't much seeing where the driveway is. I realize that it's in the same place it's in during the day but seeing it is another matter entirely. Several years ago my mother in law gave us a solar powered light kit. I placed two of them on each side of the driveway at the midway point and two more halfway from there to the street. This made it possible to know where the driveway was when backing up.

Then over the years the lights fell to the ravages of time and weather. The last of the lights got killed a couple weeks ago when I (you saw this coming right) backed over it. That last probably wouldn't have happened if I had thought to replace a four year old NiCad so that it would work although still, it's been past time to replace 'em for a long while.

However I've found that finding a retailer that has good one's on sale is another matter entirely. I've been all over the place, physically and online, looking for them and have only recently (as in earlier today) located some that look like they'll do the job.

This means that I'll be (mostly) safe when backing up the driveway again. Which ought to do until I can find a way to get that Batcave turntable installed!

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