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For The Wish List

December 4th, 2009 20:41 pm | by Ed |

I think that it may have been something like nearly three years ago now that I first got my DVD-RW Drive. One of the things that I remember looking forward to was getting some dual layer DVD-R's so that I could make some really large backup disks. It was the kind of arrangement that I had been wanting to have for a long time.

In fact, now that I'm doing more and more with video, I consider the backup potential in that drive to be extra important because I've got so much more stuff to lose if something disastrous were to happen.. and I know it's possible because it's happened to me before.

dvd+rdlThe problem was that no matter where I looked, I was hardly ever able to find the dual layer disks on sale at all. The few times that I did find them, they were prohibitively expensive. So for years now that drive has only been used to half of it's capacity.

That may FINALLY be about to change. I found a 50 pack of them on a spindle for only $35!! That's amazing considering that it was only last year when a mere ten pack would have cost something in the neighborhood of a little over $50!

Well, I've made a note of where to find them and if I don't get any for Christmas then after the holiday I'll get myself a Christmas present in the form of 50 DVD-RDL's!

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