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Can Advertising Get ANY MORE Intrusive?

December 17th, 2007 21:25 pm | by Ed |

A company called "Holosonics" has come up with a form of advertising that's probably going to go down as the single most obnoxious idea that anybody has ever come up with. Their technology allows them to beam a focused sound channel directly into the heads of passers-by.

This means that they can put an audio commercial directly in your head where you CANT ignore it or turn it off.

I certainly hope that everybody can see the obvious problems with this kind of thing and understand that it needs to be stopped. It's bad enough that advertisers have billboards and signs up all over the place, commercials on television and radio, and on the Internet there's the banners, text links, popups, fly-in-ads, etc.. etc. etc... but what we DO NOT NEED at all is this kind of technology. We do not need advertising beamed directly into our heads by any stretch of imagination.

Simply put, this kind of "advertising" needs to be stopped cold, even it it means getting Congress to pass laws against invading people's heads.

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