Epic Games Releases Free Version Of Unreal Engine

I’ve never been or had much inclination to be a game designer but I have played around some with various game editors like Qoole in building a QuakeII map (though as I recall, I never finished the project because I lost it all in a computer crash). Since then I haven’t done much with that sort of thing. With this recent release of the free version of the Unreal engine by Epic Games, I am once again thinking about some ideas that I’d like to mess around with.

Of course, anything I do will involve digging out my old Quake II disk because things have changed considerably since I last played around building QuakeII maps. Most notably is the hardware requirements. Back in those days the 32mb ATI Rage Pro video card that I have was *almost* top of the line and could easily handle anything I could throw at it. Now however, if you don’t have a high end Nvidia with 512 to 1024mb of video ram and hardware acceleration then you can’t even PLAY modern games, never mind do any kind of developing with them.

On the other hand, for those who have the hardware that can handle it, this Unreal engine looks like a golden opportunity to create not only maps for existing games but to go whole hog and create entire games. I’ll be surprised if in the next year or so I don’t see a whole mess of new games built with the Unreal engine.

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