Neighbor Really Needs To Enter The 21st Century

I’ve got one of *those* neighbors. You know, the kind that still doesn’t trust computers, won’t have one in his house and doesn’t know a website from a cobweb? Because of that I get to be the look up service when he needs to know something.

His kid’s heading for college soon (hopefully), didn’t do very well on the SAT’s and needs to get ready for LSAT’s. So I get to do the searching that he ought to be able to do.

Oh, he tried to find out (he says, I wonder about that) about LSAT prep courses for the kid (who’s apparently almost as internet savvy as his dad… good luck in school kid.) so that he can bone up for his LSAT courses.

I guess he’s either going to end up with a computer in the house or spend a lot of time using the one at the library because I found a pretty decent sounding LSAT prep course. The kicker is that it’s an on line course with has live video classrooms.

I had to point out that the advantages were pretty good since with online course the kid can attend any class any number of times because everything is available on demand instead of only during limited hours of a brick & mortar school that’s going to have set hours where it’s open and that’s it.

I figure it may still take me another year or three but sooner or later I’m going to see this guy sitting in his home learning how to use the thing he’s so afraid of.. a computer connected to the internet.

Of course, the downside is that I’m probably looking at another year or three of playing tech support but in the end it ought to be worth it.

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2 thoughts on “Neighbor Really Needs To Enter The 21st Century”

  1. It sounds as if you are doing a wonderful thing here. You are trying to help someone who is trying to help his own child. If that child gets educated in modern ideas, the kid will have a better chance to avoid failure.

    Kudos to you for your patience here. 🙂
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