Something I REALLY Want For Christmas

Christmas is approaching and more and more people are thinking, talking, writing, etc about the things they want for Christmas in the hopes that somebody will take the hint and get those things for them. While I do believe that there’s a considerable amount of selfishness and outright greed involved I also think that, in a way, it’s a good idea. The reason is that it DOES give people around you a clue about the things that you want. Which can be a massive help to those who’re always stuck trying to figure out what to give, it can be a great help to point out to them, “Well, so and so is always talking about wanting X…” and Poof, one gift idea problem is solve and the only thing that remains is for them to see if they can find it on sale for a price that’s within their budget.

canon high definition camcorderObviously I’m far from being above using such tactics. The problem is that a lot of the things that I would absolutely love to get for Christmas (or even “just because”, I’m not picky!) frankly tend to be on the higher end of the budget.

One great example has to do with the fact that I’ve been getting more and more into making videos and posting them on YouTube. A lot of my earlier one’s honestly blew chunks but gradually I’m getting better. Some of the things that I’d love to get to help this include faster – more powerful computers (yes, that’s plural), high end software (the likes of which won’t even run on the machine I have now) and things for the studio, better lighting Etc. One of the biggest items on my “I’m gonna get it someday one way or another” list is a professional camera like this Canon XL H1S High Definition Digital Camcorder.

And it’s not just an idle “I want” either. Cameras like this have a lot going on with features that help improve the quality of the raw video shoot and make for a lot easier time when it comes to editing and will definitely without doubt mean a massively improved final product.

Of course I have to admit, it’s not very likely that anyone *I* know is going to be getting me an $8,000 camcorder anytime soon. Certainly not *this* year at least. Then again, if Either my “Points of View” videos or my “Tinfoil Chef” cooking videos (and Vlog) that I’m publishing these days starts getting several thousand views on every video I post, I’ll be able to become a YouTube partner and that will go a long way to letting me get these things myself.

Was that last a blatant attempt at self promotion? Yep, sure was. In fact, I’ll make it even more blatant. Check both channels and while you’re there, Rate, Subscribe, Comment, Etc.

I wouldn’t even mind if several somebody’s started an argument in the comments (well, keep it civil at least) because that would send the comment count through the roof and attract attention to the videos it was happening on. As a matter of fact, the next several “Points of View” videos are going to be about Christian and Biblical topics, something that I have observed always gets heated “discussions” going in the comments. *evil grin*

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