Neighborhood Tech Support Fun

I’m sure that most people who have almost *any* computer knowledge beyond your basic Joe User that generally has a panic attack when an error message appears have done a certain amount of time serving as tech support for family, friends and even in the local neighborhood. While there’s times that this can get to be a pain, there are other times when it gives you a funny or even just plain weird story. This is one of the latter.

I get a more-panicked-than-usual call from Mr. MMTB, he’s in full breakdown mode because he was trying to check listings for hotels in anaheim and suddenly he’s presented with a message informing him …. “Firefox has performed and illegal operation and will be shut down”.

Despite the fact that we’ve HAD this conversation several times, he’s worried that the feds are going to knock his door down, trash his house, confiscate his computer and haul him off to jail because his web browser “broke the law”.

So I head over and sit him down and once again explain in terms he’ll understand that no laws have been broken, the FBI is not on the way and he’s not going to jail. That “illegal” in this context has to do with a program error that caused windows to stop the program before it could do more damage.

After a while he’s calmed down, relieved that it’s ok to restart the browser so that he can finish getting his tickets. That’s when I made the *really*big mistake. I asked him what he was going to see? “Vampires” he replied getting excited all over again. There’s this vampire weekend in anaheim in January and I’m going to go and meet some real vampires.

Resisting the urge to slap him for actually being that stupid, I tried to tell him that “vampire weekend” is just the name of a band. (mind you, I only knew this because I’ve seen the name on YouTube”). He wouldn’t hear it.

As I left he had decided on and confirmed his hotel reservations and was going over his list of things to take with him… garlic, crosses, holy water, wooden stakes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan club tshirt, replica of Blade’s armor AND sword.

Maybe next time I’ll tell him the feds are on the way and his best bet is to move to Nigeria and never contact anyone in the US again.

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