NutJob Hills

Sometimes I think that maybe the area where I live should be called “Nutjob Hills” because there’s SO many nutjobs around here it’s not funny. Like the guy that came to me yesterday looking for help to find rv financing. That in and of itself is normal enough, though maybe not in January.

What makes him a nutjob is two things. A, he seems to think that a wallyworld income is going to qualify him for financing on an $80,000 RV and B, the fact that he thinks he’s going to have it paid off enough by this summer to re-sell it to tourists and make a profit.

He doesn’t plan on driving it at all other than to bring it home and park it in his front yard until summer when he is absolutely convinced that he’ll find a tourist willing to buy it at 10% more than he paid for it.

I think this is a case where it’s probably a good thing that his income disqualified him from enough financing to pull it off. If he did manage it, that RV would be sitting in his yard for years to come.

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