For The Wishlist But Actually Possible

Yeah I know, here I am again loading the wishlist and not only is it after Christmas but it’s not even remotely close to my birthday.. but you see, this item is not only seriously needed, it’s actually possible I could end up getting it myself in a halfway reasonable time.

Yes, it’s true that the computer I’ve got works fine for most things even though it’s been four years since I built it with technology that was obsolete by the time I bought it. Thing is that when I built it I wasn’t making videos. Anybody that’s tried editing video can tell you that rendering the final product takes a lot of CPU horsepower. Something my Athlon Sempron 2400+ just doesn’t have enough of to do the job in less than what seems like forever.

Refurbished PAVILION A6803W DesktopHowever I was looking around (even though I usually can’t afford what I find, I do a LOT of what I call “virtual window shopping”) and this time I found something on sale that not only would make editing and processing video easier and faster, it’s got to be the best bargain in computers that I’ve seen in a while.

I figure that this Pavilion Desktop machine even has enough horsepower to actually be able to run Adobe After Effects, which I’d really like to get someday.

It sports an Athlon X2 (B) 4850e processor running at 2.5 GHz, which is a big step up form the 1.67ghz Sempron, it’s also got twice the storage capacity with a 500 GB SATA 3G hard drive, 3GB of ram and of course the usual CD-DVD-RW drive.

The part that I like best about this thing however is the price….$314.99 with free shipping on top of that! Now I know that supplies of refurbished units are always limited but there might just be a chance that it’ll still be available by the time I can save the price. And if not, there’ll be another deal just as good, maybe better.

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