“Mr. Helpful” is at it again. He just can’t stand letting somebody do something themselves, he’s got to “help” them do it. Unfortunately, that includes me and my efforts to lose weight. Today for example, he barges in like he owns the place. (he does that, and NO, he does NOT own the place!) and says that in order to keep the fat from coming back I need to build muscle and that he’s found just the ticket.

Then he won’t shut up until I go ahead and look at the website he’s talking about (as if I didn’t have ANYTHING else to do!). The site loads and I’m looking it over to see what he’s talking about. While I’m reading he reaches for my mouse and says “All you have to do is click here and you’re on the way.”

I grabbed his hand and none too gently removed it from my mouse, telling him that *I* hadn’t decided anything yet and that if I decided to, *I* would do any clicking that needed done thank you very much.

I spent the next half hour with him going on like this. Enough to drive anybody nuts.

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