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It's A Pain In The . . .

January 19th, 2010 19:40 pm | by Ed |

. . . Joints. And not just any joints either. I'm talking about the worst of the "Ritis" brothers, Arthur. While I consider myself blessed that I don't have it to the debilitating degree that a lot of people do, I am very familiar with almost non-stop joint pain. Fingers, knees, ankles, and everything in between. Basically if there's a place where two bones join either a hinge or ball & socket, It hurts at least a little almost all of the time anymore.

The big problem with this is doing something to at least take the edge off of it when it's particularly bad. Taking painkillers like aspirin, Tylenol and so on are all fine and dandy but I think I'd rather come up with some kind of natural arthritis relief that would be safer to use for long periods of time than always hitting either OTC or prescription painkillers.

"Mr. Helpful" of course is right there with what he thinks is the ultimate solution, saying that it works wonders for his 97 year old grandfather who still chops his own wood. However I've decided that I don't care how good that stuff is, I am NOT going to even consider rubbing that unbelievably nasty smelling stuff all over myself.

Why not? Because I'd rather not smell like a truckload of spoiled anchovies stuck in the desert in the dog days of August. I swear you can smell that stuff from a block away. There's at least one reason why his grandfather lives in the hills ten miles from anything. Like the EPA won't allow him near civilization with that crap on him.

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